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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 24, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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as always, we're fair and balanced. have a great weekend and we'll see you back here on monday. laura ingraham up next. stay tuned. >>good evening, from washington. i'm laura ingraham. the angle is coming up later in the show. you're not going to want to miss. but first, break revelations tonight. it's amazing, about the florida school shooting. as gun control advocates are targeting the nra, we're going to be finding out more about what actually happened on the ground during that parkland
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massacre and how maybe some common sense policing could have made all the difference. according to a new report, there were four total sheriff deputies on the scene who did not enter the building during the shooting. one person, scott peterson stayed outside instead of trying to stop the suspect. peters peterson, who has just resigned, believes he did a good job on this. he is also a sheriff's deputy himself. it's good to see you, sir. thank you for joining us. the new reports that came out now have a total of four sheriff
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deputies who did not enter that school building as the shooting was taking place. what do you know about this tonight? >> i've heard rumors about that report myself but i have nothing to substantiate that any of those claims are factual at this time. >> peterson was apparently behind a vehicle with his gun drawn at the time they showed up at the scene. can you tell us what the protocol is with that type of active shooter situation? >> well, deputy peterson being the first officer on the scene, he did what he was supposed to do. he called in other support, units arriving for backup. but at that point, he stopped there of what he needed to do. as law enforcement officials, we know that every day when we go to work, that there's a chance
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that we may not come home to our family members. and we accept that responsibility. and when we hear an active shooter, i don't care if it's within a school, a mall, a house or an office building, when you are the first person there on scene, every second that you delay going into that building and every single gunfire that you hear from inside that building, that means there's another innocent life being lost and it's unacceptable not to go inside that building. we know that risk when we put the uniform on every day and we have to live up to that oath. >> and do you know officer peterson? >> no, i do not. i've only had one conversation with him. >> what occurred in that conversation? >> just to brief him about what was about to transpire within the next hour in terms of the administrative moves that were going to happen, in terms of being suspended without pay and an internal affairs investigation would start. >> the coral springs police are apparently the ones who are
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talking. and that's why we got this new report about the three broward deputies who showed up and also didn't enter the building. why would the coral springs officer express their frustration if they had entered the building or if this hadn't occurred? given the fact that we have 17 dead and we have more than a week has transpired, we still don't have the clear tick tock on what happened? that seems a little much, don't you think, given the public outcry here? >> given the public outcry, i can say there was a lot of chaos on the scene that night. i don't doubt the actions of some of the coral springs police officers that were there that day. however, i don't know enough information to comment if those are the first officers on scene or if those officers that went into the building first from coral springs came out and saw additional deputies. i don't have enough to comment about that at this time. >> sheriff israel basically echoed what you said, peterson
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should have engaged the shooter. you're there, shots are ringing out. you don't stand outside, you go in. that's like the firefighters at 9/11. you go in the building when everyone else is leaving. that's your job. that's what you do. that's the danger of being a police officer. but you made comments about the school board in broward county and lay blame on them. explain that to us. >> yes, i do. i think that's the one entity in this whole conversation that has not been brought up. some of the fault of put on the broward county school board. for years they know the schools are soft targets. they claim they want tougher security but don't want to cough up the money to pay for the security. and then when they are fortunate enough to have a school resource deputy on scene, an armed police presence, a lot of the liberal-thinking principals on campus there don't want the
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police officers making arrests on campus and don't want the drugs to be found on campus and don't want the warrants to be shown on campus because it looks like bad stats at the school. i place a lot of the blame at the school board with that and some of the programs. for example, the promise program. nobody wants to fill the jails with juveniles. every police officer will agree on that. the promise program is an intervention program where we stop filling the jails with kids and get them into programs. when that program started, we took all discretion away from the law enforcement officers to affect an arrest if we choose to. there's a lot of parents out there screaming for help in terms of mental health services and family intervention for services. >> we had 23 calls go into the broward sheriff's office about this family. some were about nikolas cruz's
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brother, including calls about his potential for violence. again, you're the expert here. you represent the union here. but 23 calls to one house and you add that with the fbi tips they got in 2016 and as early as in november and apparently another one in february, this is just -- this is wild stuff. red flag after red flag after red flag. >> it is. they are looking into that right now with those calls, but i can tell you, it's not an uncommon thing where we spend two, three, four, five times a week that we respond to the same house for the same problem over and over again. >> so your limitations are what? you could sit down with nikolas cruz, correct? i imagine -- he didn't seem too bright. i imagine you could sit down and
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ask him questions. can i look around? do you have any guns? can i see where they are? can i see where they're stored? do you have any idea if that took place? >> i do not. >> that's a pretty important question. >> i'm not privileged to comment on that because it's an ongoing investigation. i would be violating state statute by commenting on that. >> the nra demonization that's going on right now is unlike anything i've ever seen. they're trying to take them off tv, kill their businesses. >> i firmly believe this is not a gun issue. i've said this from day one and hold that belief until the day i die. it's not the gun that's the problem. t it's the person behind the gun. i don't even think there's going to be an outcome that will fix this problem, because until we
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can link the mental health records into the criminal background checks we do to purchase a firearm, we won't see if a person has a mental health issue. that has to be resolved with the medical association and hipaa law villagolations. >> sheriff israel said, we need less guns on our streets, not more guns. he's taking a different view from you. and that's a sheriff. he wants to go for the gun. >> he is my boss and my sheriff and does sign my paychecks, but that doesn't mean that i have to have the same opinions that the sheriff does. i think we need to intervene with the people that hold the gun, not the gun itself. until we address the real problem, which is the mental health issue and attitude of the state attorney's office of releasing these people on the street, nothing's going to
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>>companies targeted by that left-wing website sink progress, are dropping ties with the national rifle association. it includes met life, hertz, enterprise, alamo. this comes after a week of liberals and students blaming the nra for school shootings. >> the nra does not win in the chat room. it wins in the room of state legislature and the national government. unless we get bags of money and votes to pull these people the other way, we're going to lose. we've got to take on the nra. >> let's discuss this with
2:15 am
michelle in colorado springs. and west in new york. >> great to see you both of you. you and have dealt with this issue for years, where the left loses the debate on substance and goes for the banning speech. >> that's right. and this tactic has been used successfully by leftist speech. they have targeted conservative talk radio hosts, another conservative figures and republicans and conservative businesses. and it really is time for law-abiding gun owners to push back, to draw the line, because these people who are responsible for these witch hunts are inciting hatred and violence. and the thing is that so many conservatives always act in good
2:16 am
faith and they don't want to engage in these kinds of tactics. >> they're afraid. >> they are afraid. and i understand that. but enough is enough. >> colonel west, you saw that student. he was obviously very upset. you saw that play out at that cnn forum, the town hall forum. it was over and over and over. and blood money. it was all the classic lines against the nra we've heard many times. but at this point, it seems different. it seems like the organization is very tight here. what do conservatives do to respond? they could respond in kind with their own boycotts, which i'm not really for. so what's good for the goose is good for the gander. >> well, it's good to be with you. first and foremost, everyone
2:17 am
needs to know i am a sitting board member for the national rifle association. when i think about a week ago, that was a false story. the new york daily news repeated it. it was in the district that i represented. it was to support their shooting sports team, their markmanship team. and when i think about enterprise and some of these other companies, we don't see anyone going out and attacking beer wholesales and alcohol distributors when we have dui. and what about planned parentho
2:18 am
parenthood? what incenses me more than anything else, no one remembers steven wilford. he was the one that ran to the sound of the guns in texas at the first baptist church. and he was the one that took down that assailant. no one is talking about that. but yet we have the broward county officers that did not run to the sound of the gun. >> it's unbelievable what we learned tonight about the coral springs officers, they arrived. they were behind their vehicles and told the coral springs police, "you go in." and so they did go in. it seems like there was mistakes made on the ground. the guy was obviously -- it was tipped that he was going to shoot up a school, at least a few tips that he was going to shoot up the school.
2:19 am
nothing. and it's the nra's fault? i've got to go to the cnn forum. he was called by cnn shortly after the shooting. this is how he described it. let's listen. >> i actually spoke to a cnn producer on thursday, the day after the shooting. and the producer insinuating to me they were looking for people who were willing to espouse a certain narrative, which was taking the tragedy and turning it into a policy debate. >> and by the way, jake capper tweeted in response to cnn, the student said her question was for dana. that's why i was talking about that kid -- nothing was scripted, but people submit questions. we go in expecting they'll ask the questions they submitting, which they're holding.
2:20 am
>> i have. and i've been a long-time chronicler. and these are not journalistic exercises. these are partisan political ones. in the past they've tried to pass off as undecided voters, people who are working for various democratic political campaigns. it is no surprise. and i think it's interesting because on the one hand, the left is always saying, believe the children. listen to the children. but when certain children and their parents are telling the truth about the manipulation of this fake news, all of the sudden -- and now we are finding out more and more what did this sheriff israel know when he was sitting
2:21 am
on the stage mauling marco rubio and dana loesch like lions in the den. it is the collusion, i believe, between the social justice administrators of that school district who adopted conflict resolution policies all for the cause of political correctness and eradicating the fact that there were percentages of students. they adjudicated no one and that's how nikolas cruz got away with it. >> we had rick gates plead guilty today. the mueller investigation. squeezes on. colonel west, we've got about 20 seconds. your reaction to that? >> i want to say that sheriff scott israel step down. there was no way he did not know what happened.
2:22 am
now getting to the manafort issue, the only collusion was with the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc. that's where he should be looking. >> great panel as always. i'm going to describe how a group of unelected judges actually could impose one of the biggest obstacles to the trump administration. and how to keep the momentum of the trump agenda going, the populus movement here and across the
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2:27 am
let up as the midterm elections approached. >> don't be complacent, because if they get in, they will repeal your tax cuts, they will put judges in that you wouldn't believe, they'll take away your second amendment, which we will never allow to happen. >> judges matter. let's take gun legislation. now, even if the president and the republican congress are successful in pressing his agenda, judges with radical outlooks can undo it all. this is why it's so critical for president trump to nominate and seek confirmed as many judges as possible on both the district and appellate courts. since trump took office, check this out, major initiatives have been stalled or stopped altogether by the courts, including his travel ban, his
2:28 am
plans to withhold funds from those sanctuary cities, and his plan to end obama-era oil and gas emission regulars. and let's not the people serving in the military. so just his first nine in months in office, cities or states filed 24 lawsuits against the president. according to now, a few weeks ago, a judge blocked president trump's decision to end obama's daca program. he's the second federal judge to do so. now, the judge is an interesting character. when the daca case landed on his bench last year, he claimed this the president's ending the daca
2:29 am
program was arbitrary and capricious. gracias, judge. of this judge has a history of editorializing from the bench and it ends up being like legislating from the bench. americans didn't elect the judge to change our immigration policy. he was appointed to be a check on other branches of government, not a replacement for them. so if he wants to get into legislating, he should take off his long black robe, pound the pavement, and then run for office. and by the way, this isn't the first time that that judge crossed the line. in 2012, he imposed racial qu a quotas on the fire department.
2:30 am
now, declaring the fire department a bastion of white male privilege, he required the department to hire two black firefighters and one hispanic for every five hired. now, parts of his ruling were later vacated by the appeals court that questioned his impartiality. they barred him from presiding from future trials relating to the case. his liberal bias was that obvious. he sat on the bench and repeatedly slammed the president for his recurring redundant drum beat of anti-latino commentary. now, come on, he was blatant in
2:31 am
his disdain for the president and his policies. then the chief judge of the fourth circuit court of peal -- appeals, roger gregory -- now, it's the second time the fourth circuit has pulled this routine. this time he claims that the president's travel restriction on six largely muslim countries is unconstitutionally tainted toward islam. for 285 unbelievably twisted pages. the ruling tries to turn trump's campaign rhetoric into a legal argument. gregory writes that the travel ban description with religious intolerance and discrimination. they say the ban is an attempt
2:32 am
to establish a national religion that concludes muslims. that's what the the fourth circuit ruled. we'll see how that holds up at the supreme court, which just announced it will review these travel ban decisions on april 25th. political grandstanding by jurists, the type we just talked about, whether from the bench or public forums, all of that ends up undermining confidence in the courts and it certainly compromises our view of an impartial judiciary. and that goes for the notes rbg ginsburg as well. the left wants to do through the courts what they couldn't achieve at the ballot box. it's so transparent to me. obama knew this game. he was able to stack the federal bench with 334 judges. clint appointed 387 judges.
2:33 am
and president trump, well, he understands the threat posed by an activist judiciary. the president has had to deal with activist judges working against him ever since he took office. >> i'll be criticized by them for speaking harshly about our courts. this new order was tailored to the dictates of the ninth circuit, in my opinion, flawed ruling. this is, in the opinion of many, an unprecedented judicial overreach. >> now, there are currently 147 vacancies on the federal courts, 122 in the district courts and 17 at that important appellate level. a record 12 appeals court
2:34 am
judges. obama only got three in his first year, so that's really good. a lot of work remains to be done. the only way to counter, is for trump to fill the bench with his own jurists, men and women who stay within their constitutional boundaries. meanwhile, we'll continue on this show to expose the arbitrary and capricious rulings of judges who frustrate the public will and exceed their authority. and that's the angle. joining us now for reaction, just outside the washington dc, he's at cpac. all right, nigel, you're there at cpac with all those judges. if we don't keep this momentum going, we won't get judges on the court and a lot of his
2:35 am
agenda can be undone. what was your sense from the president's speech? >> it's all about the midterms. he's achieved amazing things. he said today that he kept more promises than he actually made during the election campaign, which was a great line. but he's doing his stuff. he got tax reforms through just before christmas. very, very important. but he needs to make sure that he keeps majority of both of those houses in the midterm. i tell you something. i shared a platform with his in mississippi back in the presidential campaign. he went around the country speaking to big audiences. he's a wonderful motivator. but told i saw a president who was using humor, who was light, who even told a joke against himself. and i think if trump goes around the country in the runup to these midterms and performs
2:36 am
anything like he did today at cpac, he will keep his momentum going and that'll lead through to everything he needs to do. >> yeah, you and i ran into each other this morning and you were nice enough to agree to come on the show tonight. it's so awesome. but it was right before the president spoke. i spoke at around 9:00. and i was trying to -- and i know you said this as well. you had such a great speech. that we need to be happy warriors. we're winning on all these big issues. the left is resistant. it's tedious. nobody wants to be on that ride. >> career politicians are as dull as dish water. why? they're always being safe. they're not doing this out of passion, patriotism, caring about people. they are dull, humorless, without any real personality.
2:37 am
and what sparkled today from the president was him being him. and i was very, very privileged to meet you this morning, but i was also very privileged to meet the president just after he came off stage. and i saw a man absolutely at the top of his game. i get the feeling that this president is now really enjoying what he's doing. you're seeing his real personality coming out. and i have to say, my view -- and i've watched this and i've followed this and been part of this, even though i'm a foreigner, but my view is with trump, the best is yet to come. >> yeah. he referred to the next seven years, clearly putting to rest these ideas he's not going to run for re-election. i want to play for you the media's reaction to the president trump's hour-plus-long speech. let's watch. >> this morning at cpac, he covered at least 31 different
2:38 am
topics. but it took almost 40 minutes before the president began his conversation on the parkland school shooting. >> president trump made time in his cpac today to address his bald spot. >> i mean, the president was self-deprecati self-deprecating, which the media had complained he never was. i howled. we were watching it in our hotel room. we were just screaming. it was so funny and it lightened the mood. but they literally can never say anything positive. it doesn't matter what he does. even if he pushes the gun control measures, they say it's not enough. >> it's unbelievable. no, of course they don't. and with reagan it was the same. they never forgave reagan for winning once and then twice and they kept at it all the way
2:39 am
through his presidency. but he goes down in history as one of the great presidents. and i don't think it matters anymore what cnn say or the new york times writes. it doesn't matter. the world has changed. people out there, ordinary, decent ordinary people who live their lives, do their jobs, pay their taxes, obey the laws, bring up their families, they don't care anymore what mainstream media is telling them. they make up their own minds. >> i think you're right. the progress has left them behind. and it's almost not worth engaging with them or getting demoralized or distracted by what they're saying or the constant resistance. move the ball down the field, get great legislation past, do the stuff he's already done and then some. i want to show a poll on screen, us satisfaction with world standings. his 13-year high.
2:40 am
14% positive rating. 2017 it was 32%. 2005 it was 48%. that's that gallup poll. how are we being viewed, do you sense, internationally? americans are happy with how they think we're being viewed by the rest of the world under trump. at least it's gone up. but that's good news considering where they predicted he was going to take us. >> let's be mayfair, obama was disaster. and everyone said that trump on the world stage would be an embarrassment, a dummy, he wouldn't know how to behave. right from that first speech through to davos where he delivered the line, "america first but america not alone." he did it beautifully and people understood it. all the way through, he has behaved on the international
2:41 am
stage with huge dignity, with great confidence. when he was in beijing walking around, i thought he was about to put a bid in to buy the place. >> that would be nice. we need that to happen. he's actually the first president to address the china threat in a substantive way or trade and not afraid to say so, which is fantastic. thank you so much for joining us. we've got to roll. but have a great time. it was great to see you today and fantastic speech. could you be fired from your job for merely expressing your political views? up next, we're going to talk to someone who worked for one of the top tech companies in the world here in the united states, and he says that happened to him. today we're out here with some big news. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill proven to both significantly reduce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event in adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower your a1c.
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>>san francisco state's attorney and my friend recently decided to represent a man who said he was unlawfully fired by google for expressing his conservative views after he wrote a memo criticizing the company's diversity requirements. they both join us now to discuss the latest with the case. great to see both of you. i know you took the case to the national labor relations board.
2:46 am
but you took the case there. what happened? >> so james filed a case with the nlrb the day he was fired. so it happened before he got docounsele counseled. and the national labor act implemented by the board protects -- it falls under that category that he complained about. >> so you're saying that's protected under the nlrb? >> and so we also got geared up for a lawsuit. so the national labor relations board has a number of regional offices and they decided that james had a case. now, when somebody's fired, they're supposed to act quickly within weeks to have a hearing and get them returned to their job. so we were waiting and then finally we realized something's
2:47 am
going on. it turns of the google lobbied the washington office of the nlrb. >> which is supposed to be a no-no. the big heavy push from google on the nlrb. and this is a trump appointee. >> let's talk about that. the president appointed the deputy general counsel anding everything like that. obama holdovers at the nlrb decided to overrule. >> does it happen often? >> it really doesn't happen often. >> okay. so, james, how are you doing? this has been quite a roll eer coaster for you? you're now this conservative folk hero. you loved your job. you lost your job. how are you feeling and doing throughout this? >> it's a little exhausting. >> were you a code writer?
2:48 am
okay. so i imagine you could get hired by someone else at this point. are you working for someone else? >> i'm still looking. >> you're still looking. >> this hurt him. >> google is the 800-pound gorilla and people are afraid of irritating google. smaller companies don't want to -- >>we withdrew the nlrb charge when we realized they're going to sit on it and not take it seriously. we filed a lawsuit in state court. we're waiting for our first day in court, which will be in may. >> what does this say to other people in the workplace, whether you're a conservative working in a liberal place or a liberal in a conservative environment?
2:49 am
>> you and i went to law school together. and in court you have a supposedly neutral judge. but a judge hears both sides and there's evidence taken and a decision-making. a lot of faceless bureaucrats make very important decisions about policies. what google employees don't know is google is actively lobbying the national labor board. >> that's a big deal. i have not heard that before. and google is big, but you still have to follow the law. we're out of time. but a survey of silicon valley employees, if you're conservative, 74% say they're hesitant of being themselves at
2:50 am
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>>well, i had a blast
2:54 am
addressing cpac today. but i think somebody else may have had an everyone better time. the president. it drove the left crazy today that trump showed himself to be self-deprecating. >> i would love to watch that guy speak. i try like hell to hide that bald spot. i work hard at it. it doesn't look bad. together we're hanging in. >> he went off script and delivered one of his greatest hits, the snake. kind of sounded like a poetry jam to us. so we put it to a little beat. it tells a tale of a kind woman who gives shelter to a half-frozen snake and then suffers for it. >> she stroked his pretty skin
2:55 am
again and kissed and held him tight. but instead of saying "thank you," that snake gave her a vicious bite, said the reptile with a grin, "you knew damn well i was a snake before you took me in." >>i think he should release it as an lp. [laughter] oh my gosh. well, i told the folks at cpac today, it's important for conservatives to have a good time, enjoy the moment. you're winning. it's not going to get any better than this. you're winning. it's like the '80s. you're winning. that's why they're fighting and resisting you. what did the left do
2:56 am
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2:59 am
♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem]
3:00 am
♪ ♪ >> president trump, he delivered a rousing speech at cpac 2018. >> people get complacent. you just won and now you are happy and complacent. don't be complacent. >> brand new reports suggest that three other broward county deputies arrived at the school during the massacre did not enter but instead hid outside behind their vehicles. >> officer jeff heinrich off duty at the time rushed in. >> those are my family. teachers and staff that i have known for year. >> sanctions against north korea. >> the sanctions don't work we will have to go phase ii. phase ii may be a very rough thing. >> you don't mind if i go off script a little bit? [cheers and


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